Cairo – Protest outside the US Embassy – Initial Advice

The ABTA Destination Services team are monitoring the protests in Cairo.

The FCO travel advice update that was circulated yesterday  reported that a large demonstration took place in front of the US Embassy in the Garden City district of Cairo overnight on 11/12 September 2012 and the FCO reported that further demonstrations may occur.

The media are reporting that these protests continue today outside the US Embassy in Cairo.  There is wide speculation as to the reasons behind the protests.  

Media reports suggest that yesterday the Egyptian security forces used tear gas and warning shots in a bid to to move protesters away from the US Embassy building towards Tahrir square. It is reported that the protesters retaliated by throwing petrol bombs at the security forces and that six police officers were injured in the clashes.

It is also being reported that the Muslim Brotherhood, has called for peaceful protests to be held nationwide on Friday.

Customers in Cairo should be advised to avoid the demonstrations and large crowds.

The ABTA Destination Services team have spoken to the Foreign Office and they have confirmed that the British Embassy in Cairo remains fully operational.


We will continue to monitor and issue updates accordingly


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