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We travel a mile in our
customers’ shoes everyday

Redfern have a strong heritage; we have been the people keeping business moving for 80 years.  We are dependable, we handle scale better than anyone, and we’re there when your travellers’ plans get derailed.  Today, technology plays a big part in what we do, but it’s not the be all and end all.

Our aim is clear: to connect people with a combination of straightforward business travel technologies and friendly experts. Allowing our customers to book simply; travel soundly, and save money.

We stand by a simple belief that business travel management doesn’t need to be painful.


We like to make life straightforward and easy where possible, and not just for the people who are doing the travelling, but for the people that have to process the payments and deal with the reporting as well.

That’s why Redfern commissioned the development of a unique online booking tool – tRIPS®.

tRIPS® - Award winning business travel booking tool from Redfern button-readmore

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