Redfern’s fees are the lowest in the market. This is because our sophisticated
technology means we don’t need to ‘touch’ 92% of all bookings.
So we pass those savings on to you.




Redfern’s fees are the lowest in the
market. This is because our
sophisticated technology means we
don’t need to ‘touch’ 92% of all
bookings. So we pass those savings
on to you.

We are your bookers’ commercial conscience and travel industry eyes and ears.

We stand by our belief that working in partnership with our clients is the key to a happy, successful and efficient service.  Where business culture, travel needs and booking patterns are understood, savings are identified and realised quickly.

We believe good account management practice is so important to a successful total travel management solution; we do not charge you for this service. Our account managers and teams will work with you to;

  • Drive down cost
  • Eliminate waste
  • Identify missed savings opportunities
  • Maximise savings from good booking practice
  • Engage with and educate bookers

These principles encompass our account manager code.  The team are committed and passionate about helping every customer achieve these five objectives alongside the objectives you describe to us when we work with you from the very first meeting, through implementation, to go-live and throughout our happy partnership.

System is working well!  Redfern have equalled all of the direct hotel rates and beat the agent rate on our “round the world” air fares by nearly GBP 1,000.”

Senior Buyer- Hallmark Cards

The robots produce the MI, the humans apply the logic

We take the pain out of management reporting. Initiatives that Redfern deploy that will drive down your spend, are reported in your MI, and implemented at review meetings are;.

1: Increase of Online Adoption: The majority of customers come to us looking to increase their online adoption. They already understand the cost and efficiency benefits available to them by switching their bookings to be fulfilled in an online, fully automated environment. Typically  customers achieve an online adoption rate of over 90% within the first 3 months.

2: Missed Savings Opportunities: tRIPS® will store the lowest cost option available when a search is performed and store for comparison with the rate ultimately booked. Not only demonstrating missed savings, but highlighting when the lowest possible rate is selected and booked.

3: Reducing Average Room Rate: Your Redfern Account Manager will carry out a full review of your MI, looking at the types of property being booked, booking lead times and locations. Then present a strategy around consolidation and switch sell. This strategy will lead to a drop in ARR of over 10% in 3 months.

4: Rail Ticket Analysis: Ticket type, booking lead time and route analysis are all evaluated to look for smarter buying options with cost reducing best practice hits and tips shared with bookers at engagement workshops.  Clever ticketing combinations will lead to a 30% reduction in price per mile.

See how we saved our customers more than they expected



Here’s a list of products and services Redfern provide but will not charge for;

  • Full bill back across all product
  • Consolidated e-billing – no charge
  • Comprehensive management information
  • MI Delivered monthly to a secure online portal
  • Quarterly review packs
  • Bespoke/ad hoc requirements
  • Forensic ‘deep-dives’ of customer data for savings opportunity identification

Invoicing, use of credit cards and reconciliation are all places that can attract additional fees, driving up the hidden cost of your travel management service.  Redfern do not charge for bill back which will realise significant savings.

Is there anything else Redfern offer free of charge?

Yes, Redfern believe the below elements are fundamental to achieving two key strategic objectives; the effective delivery of our services and the success of our partnership approach. Redfern do not place any financial barriers to entry ahead of this focus.

  • Account management
  • User training – face to face and via WebEx
  • Refresher training and booker engagement session
  • Review meetings and ad hoc meeting
  • tRIPS® users licences
  • Bespoke tRIPS® setup
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