We understand that your priorities are the security of your travellers and safety
of your travel budget. Redfern's delivery of these objectives sets us apart
from our competitors.




We understand that your priorities
are the security of your travellers
and safety of your travel budget.
Redfern's delivery of these
objectives sets us apart
from our competitors.

The ever-ready Redfern team are always open

Most tRIPS® users seldom need to speak to our friendly experts; they book online, they travel. We are always here nonetheless. Our teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

Our support teams are always available. Not only to help you make bookings, they also provide advice on complex or unfamiliar routes and destinations. They offer support and reassurance, and generally share their passion and enthusiasm for travel.

Whilst we stand by a simple belief that booking business travel should never be painful, we all know the actual travel can be tricky.

You can be reassured that when Redfern receive a call from a customer at 22:00 and their train has been cancelled due to inclement weather, and they are in an unfamiliar part of the world, with limited resources, we just do whatever needs to happen to get that person ‘home’ (or to a hotel) safely. We can worry about the admin in the morning when the office re-opens.

All Redfern customers are provided with an online traveller tracking solution. The software gives both Redfern, and customers the ability to “track and trace” your travellers 24/7, wherever in the world they’re doing business for complete peace of mind. We feel this is so important, we do not charge you for this service.

“Apparently the Redfern Emergency Hotline had come up trumps so every credit to them – happy days!

The moral of the story is……make a note of the Redfern emergency number 01274 726424 in case you are ever in similar need out of hours…”

Relieved Traveller – 2015 Storms

Unobtrusive policy controls that mean easy compliances

The advanced policy modules in tRIPS® eradicates any instances of breaches in travel policy limits.  The policy controls are applied logically and flexibly; we listen to your brief; we configure the system to deliver with maximum efficiency and minimum user ‘fuss’.

The system is designed to provide complete flexibility; you can set a variety of policies which can be assigned across your organisation to allow for different control across traveller or employee groups, departments, cost centres etc. This flexibility does not compromise the integrity of your policy though.

If soft policy options are adopted, tRIPS® requires bookers to select from a number of options to indicate why policy is being breached. This data is captured automatically to enable reporting on all policy exceptions via Redfern’s online management information tool.

For further resilience, pre-trip approval can be applied before policy controls kick in. Again the pre-trip mechanism is configured and applied unobtrusively to guide the booker through the required protocol to guarantee safe, compliant spend.

Before an invoice or MI report is produced, our data is subjected to the rigors of RoboCheck, our in-house QC finishing tool. RoboCheck allows you to apply your own “techy” set of rules to your booking system. These are applied automatically every time someone books a ticket. RoboCheck monitors policy compliance so you don’t have to.



As the preferred supplier to central and local government for travel, we have worked extensively to ensure data security is at the heart of the service offering. Redfern leads the TMC market in respect to our performance on data security.

We have achieved a number of ‘firsts’ in the last 3 years; first TMC to achieve ISO27001, and first TMC to achieve not only Cyber Essentials, but Cyber Essentials Plus.

Redfern ensures that all staff are aware of, and comply with, the provisions of our security policy and the contents of the various procedures to which it refers. In particular, we ensure that staff are aware of, and comply with:

  • ISO27001:2013 Series Standards
  • The Data Protection Act 1998
  • The Computer Misuse Act 1990
  • Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) 2000
  • Freedom of Information Act 1998
  • HMG Security Policy Framework – OFFICIAL


Our Partners

We work with all the brand names you would expect to see in the travel world. We book nearly 1.5 million hotel room nights, and have access to over 185,000 hotels worldwide.  Last year we booked 5 million rail journeys, and flew our customers almost 100m miles around the world.

Nurturing and developing relationships with our supply chain helps us to negotiate preferential hotel rates for our customers. Which we must admit, is one of our specialities; and because we work with (probably) every hotel in the UK it gives us a great deal of buying power when it comes to securing the best rates. Equally, we focus on giving a wide range of choice to suit the requirements of your individual travellers on varying budgets. Our booking tool tRIPS® displays scheduled air alongside low cost carriers, whilst comparing cost and carbon emissions to a rail alternative for domestic travel.

Meet and discover some of our supply partners below.

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